Ship Your Game With Programming, Motherfucker!

On May 28, 2011, in Experiences, by Steffen Itterheim

Bryan Sawler of Muteki Corporation posted an intruiging revelation about why it doesn’t feel like they succeeded even though they created award winning games (Pirate Bay, Topple, MazeFinger) for ngmoco, EA, Pogo, Tapulous and many others.

The reason?

Because while we’ve spent half a decade helping everyone else be successful, we’ve only set aside tiny scraps of time for our own products. We’ve released tiny games with minuscule budgets and short schedules because that’s all we could “afford” in between real (read: paid, external) projects. We’ve been succeeding, but we’ve only been succeeding on other people’s goals.

Ship Your Game!

Bryan boils it down to a three-word formula, each word being emphasized with a different goal: Ship Your Game! In other words: you have to ship it, it has to be your very own game and it ought to be a game, playable and fun and everything – not just a demo or a fancy experimental piece.

Making Mistakes Making Money

In a somewhat related post Bryan is also sharing his insights into Making Monetization Mistakes.

Programming, Motherfucker!

For those of you who are experiencing motivation problems or software development methodology overkill, I have just the thing. It’s a new methodology called The Motherfucking Manifesto For Programming, Motherfuckers!

Zed Shaw has since amended the Manifesto with Management, Asshole!