What are you getting, Mr. Game Developer?

On March 4, 2010, in Business & Industry, by Steffen Itterheim

This question has been answered in the Salary Survey from Develop. Note that the currency is GBP, British Pounds. The Game Developer magazine offers a comparative survey for the US but keep in mind that it’s from last year.

Develop’s article has some interesting graphs, and the one that struck out to me is the one that clearly shows the Top 3 reasons for game developers to change jobs:

The Top 3 Reasons for changing jobs are:

  1. Looking for a new challenge
  2. Salary increase
  3. Limited opportunities for growth at current company

Indeed, those would have easily been my picks. I certainly have switched companies once for number 3 closely followed by number 1 while actually earning less (number 2). Now that i have left my last full-time employment, i can say that it was again – by far – number 3 followed by number 1 with number 2 not being a real issue – again.

Yes, overall game developers don’t earn as much as the database system engineers at SAP do. Or the Citrix consultants for steam-powered robots. Or what have you – yup, i’ve actually registered once for a freelancer job site that lists all those weird jobs that sound totally fricking, err, boring but also sound like they make a ton of money from that (why else would you want to do such a job, ey?).

Money isn’t really the issue. If you can grow in your company (and it doesn’t even have to mean making a career) and the challenges are satisfying while pushing your boundaries and learning new skills without neither feeling lost in a sea of technology mumbo-jumbo or getting bored and frustrated by assembly-line work with broken tools – if that all works out for you, you’re better off in the game industry!

Ok, that is, unless you have to crunch.
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