One Game Idea A Day: Deep Sea Explorer

On December 31, 2012, in OneGameIdeaADay, by Steffen Itterheim

Imagine playing Deep Sea Explorer on Google Maps. Your task is to explore the depths of the world’s oceans. Searching for new life forms, geological activity like hotsprings and undersea volcanoes, natural resources like gas, oil and methane, and on occasion sunken ships and their treasures.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Your job is to get a ship, hire the crew, buy or rent the equipment and computers. Then take on jobs offered by the scientific community, treasure hunters, rich individuals or large corporations. Will you be helping the scientific community? Are you looking for the big treasure and making history? Or are you in it for the big cash, helping to exploit the natural resources of our planet?

Plot the route that takes your ship to the desired location in the least time with the least fuel consumption, safely. Oversee the deployment of deep sea exploration, probing, mining equipment. Handle everyday catastrophes like failing equipment, injuries, bad weather conditions. You only have limited time before the mission ends. If you and your crew perform well enough it’ll open ever more exciting assignments.

Source: XKCD

Over time you’ll venture into even deeper seas, to increasingly exotic locations, with harsher weather conditions, higher water pressures and longer trips. You will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the undersea world and whatever you discover down there.

Ideally the game takes this information straight from freely available sources, enabling it to be used by the interested as an educational game.

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