I’ve learned a lot about iPhone game programming, cocos2d for iPhone and Xcode, Objective-C and the Mac OS in the past year. I want to share my knowledge pertaining to cocos2d in specific and iPhone game development in general. I’ve created a completely new website dedicated to cocos2d over the last 2 weeks:


I made a 90+ (!) pages Tutorial about how to setup an Xcode project for professional work, including cross-referencing the cocos2d project, optimizing the build settings and adding targets for all platforms and purposes (eg debugging crashes). You can view the tutorial on my website or download it as PDF!

Since after 10 years in the game industry i’ve specialized in iPhone Game Development using cocos2d for iPhone i will always have something to say or add to this website. Let me know what you think and if you like it, please tweet it and recommend it to your peers, thank you!

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