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24 Responses to iTunes Connect thinks your IBAN is invalid? Here’s the solution …

  1. Daniel says:

    Danke. Ich bin fast wahnsinnig geworden, weil die IBAN immer als ‘invalid’ durchging.


  2. steffenj says:

    Ich wär auch fast dran verzweifelt. Schön das ich helfen konnte. :)

  3. Michael says:

    Danke! und da soll man drauf kommen…

  4. steffenj says:

    Jo, bei mir hats eben auch ein paar Tage gebraucht bis es “klick” gemacht hat.

  5. ralf says:

    WOW, Danke !
    Echt ‘nen komischer bug. und sollte apple definitief in die info-box schreiben.

    Gruesse aus holland ! 😀

  6. […] Deze staan op je bankafschriften of kun je opzoeken bij je bankgegevens.  Apple zegt zelf – en anders staat het ook hier – dat je jouw rekeningnummer in de IBAN met voorloop nullen moet opvullen tot 10 cijfers. Dus […]

  7. ralf2 says:

    Danke für den Artikel. Hat mir echt weiter geholfen.

  8. Dennis says:

    Danke für den Tipp mit den führenden Nullen vor der Kontonummer.

  9. Hallo zusammen,

    ich hab ein ähnliches Problem. Die Kontonummer ist von Haus aus 7stellig. Wenn ich drei nullen davor stelle gibt er mir folgende Meldung:

    The bank account number you entered does not match the corresponding portion of your IBAN. Remember to include any leading zeros in your bank account number, and try again.

    Hat jemand ne Ahnung was ich machen soll?

  10. Raum says:

    Regards for that advice, are actually looking several nights due to this.

  11. Johannes says:

    I have provided my German Bank Account Number (10 Digits) und the correct IBAN, iTunes says: Please enter a valid IBAN.

    I am sure both infos are correct!!!

    What can I Do??

  12. Johannes says:

    .. cool. The info from my bank was not correct: Germany starts with DE 16 … not DE 43… Great!

  13. Chris says:

    I live in england and had the same problem.

    For me the solution was to make sure i typed the alpha chars of the iban in CAPITAL LETTERS! I didn’t need to pad the account number with 0’s.

    i.e gb22nwbk……… will not work.
    GB22NWBK…………. does however.

    Hope this helps someone.


  14. Issam says:

    hi Stefan, danke sehr für deine Hilfe, die kommt rechtzeitig…habe noch eine Frage, wie seht es aus mit der Tax Information aus? mus man die auch beeintragen?

  15. Frank says:

    Thanks very much, that was so helpful!

  16. Constantin T says:

    I have a question, my bank account is more than 10 digits, it’s 12 digits.
    And my IBAN is just BE60 and my bank account number, so what do I have to do?
    I am from Belgium.

    Thanks in advance, can you maybe email me the answer?

  17. […] because I don’t now that much about bank accounts, but it seems that a lot of people have the same […]

  18. Miloš says:

    For Montenegro, after choosing the bank from the list actually we are not required to put the whole IBAN but only the last 10 digits. So the input would be


    I discovered this after spending an hour trying to figure out what to do…

    • Ali says:


      my bank account has the following number :

      LB57 0094 0000 0000 1234 5678 9900

      What should I enter in “Bank Code” ( 5 characters maximum )
      What should I enter in “Account number” (11 characters maximum )

      I spent hours and couldn’t solve this problem, please can you help me?
      Thanks a lot !

  19. Naketti says:

    My account number after the zeros is 6 digits. When I put the 6 digits, the form said that the account number needs to be exactly 7 digits. I padded with preceding zero and it complained about the IBAN not matching with the account number. I then padded with one more zero (making it 8 digits instead of the 7 the form requested) and it accepted. Crazy. So the solution can be adding an eigth digit even when the form specifically requests for 7!

  20. Denis Georgiev says:

    Thank you Steffen for that information.

    Apple didn’t wanted to accept my Account Number and the only thing, my bank was able to tell me, is that my Account Number, shoud be the same as my IBAN, which means, they probably have no idea, which part of the IBAN is the actual account number. I’m from Bulgaria and with the help of your information and Wikipedia i found the 8 digits of my actual account number.. iTunes accepts it and now i hope it will work :)

    Thanks again

  21. Denis Georgiev says:

    I have one other thing, that bothers me. I hope you can help me.

    I have registered in Apple as a company. LegalStructure is “Private Limited CO”. Now when filling my tax information in iTunes, it asks me: “3. Type of Beneficial Owner”. Coud you please help me, shoud i choose “Individual / Sole Proprietor” or “Corporation”? I’ve read somewhere that corporation is only for companies that have covernment related business, but that might not be correct…