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ScrumButt Test aka the Nokia Test

If you’ve made it thus far, why not try out the Nokia test for yourself and see how good your implementation of Scrum is?

Scrum Checklists (PDF, must register, or print version for €19,90)

The SPRiNT-iT coaches, including Scrum Trainer Boris Gloger, have abstracted the basics from the major Scrum books and added their collective experience to produce the Scrum Checklists mini-book. This compact collection of checks and actions will enable team members to facilitate all Scrum Meetings and create the Scrum artifacts.

Scrum Checklists – are you really doing Scrum? (Henrik Kniberg, PDF & MMAP)

Another set of checklists in the form of a mindmap that let’s you easily assess where you’re at in your implementation of Scrum.

Scrum – Too much or not enough

Discussion on with further links.

Scrum, Lean and Agile Websites (in no particular order):

Scrum-On Scrum on is a social reference website with democratic editorial system to promote essential knowledge for every agilist. Now, once you found it, sit comfortably, read and vote for stories. Tell others what the real value behind buzzwords is.
Agile Software Development Finding better ways of developing software
Scrum Alliance transforming the world of work
Chris Sterling’s Blog Harmony with Agile and Architecture
Mitch Lacey & Associates real coaching, training, experience. real agile. (TM)
Agile Game Development and Clinton Keith (CSM) Helping to create great teams
Scrum FTW Scrum for the win. Thoughts and lessons learned during the introduction of Scrum, Lean and Agile development thinking in a computer game development company.
Henrik Kniberg’s Blog
Control Chaos Scrum – it’s about common sense (Ken Schwaber’s website)
Jeff Sutherland’s Scrum Log
Agile Journal an Agile Business Publication
Mountain Goat Software Succeeding with Agile (Mike Cohn’s company)
Kane Mar

Scrum Tools (in no particular order):

Virtual Scrum Board
XP Story Studio
Planning Poker
GreenHopper (requires Jira)

Note: i haven’t evaluated these tools, so naturally i can not recommend any of them. But i can recommend you to evaluate these tools to find out if they’ll be helpful for your team.

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4 Responses to Scrum Tools & Websites

  1. clanafann says:

    I’d also recommend Banana Scrum tool :)

  2. Ille says:

    We are using Scrum2Go on our mobile.

  3. Ken Lin says:

    Pivotal Tracker is the way to go!

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