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Creating Product Owner Success

The Product Owner in Scrum plays an important part. Far from being a new name for an old job, the role redefines the relationship between business and development/IT. Requirements are no longer completely described at the beginning of the project, frozen and then handed over to development. The management of the project is no longer delegated to a project manager, with the customer representative disengaging from the process. Instead, the Product Owner communicates the customer needs, guides the release and collaborates with the team and the stakeholders on an ongoing basis. You could say that the Product Owner acts as the glue between end-customers, product management, development and stakeholders, creating alignment by making sure everyone is pulling toward the same goal. […]

Being an effective Product Owner

Embrace Uncertainty (Jeff Patton, 60 min)

Although a more general overview of Agile development it probably has the most value for Product Owners / Costumers. It is very descriptive on how you should estimate and prioritize your backlog. The talk also emphasizes that the iterations should be used to build quality over time, sometimes (or often) coming back to the same items and adding the polish.

Writing the Product Backlog Just Enough and Just In Time (Mike Cohn)

Two Tips to Help Product Owners with Release Planning

The Absent Product Owner Anti-Pattern

You know your Product Owner is absent or not performing his job, when …

Ken Schwaber on the surprisingly difficult job of the Product Owner

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