On this page i keep a number of videos, presentations, blog post, recommended books and so on that focus on Scrum and related topics, such as Leadership, Development Processes and Project Management. I try to get as many videos up here because, truth be told, they may not be as instructive as articles and whitepapers but they do sell you on the whole Scrum and Agile development frameworks. So they make good material to show to anyone who doesn’t need to know all the details, and/or to get them interested in the first place.

I ensure you that i will not just add any promising or recommended link that i’ve come across here. Instead, i’ve watched every video, read every paper, blog post and book and deemed it helpful, inspiring and instructive before i put it up here. This is a list of my recommendations for Materials you can use to learn and teach about Scrum in your organization.

Have fun learning Scrum!

Introduction to Scrum

The Scrum Master Role

The Product Owner Role

The Role of the Team

Agile Estimation Techniques

Learn from other team’s successes and failures

Scrum in Game Development

Scrum Tools & Websites

Fun with Scrum

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